A Storyteller

I am a storyteller. It’s funny to realize this has always been true, though I’m just now putting my finger on it. And it runs deeper than simply identifying myself as a ‘writer’ or a ‘dancer.’ I am still those things, but at the core of them, the motivation behind them, is this innate desire to tell a story. It’s amazing how much this explains! Whenever I endeavor to communicate information, I always set the scenario, mix in some suspense, and try to take anyone who’ll listen on a journey with me. And the purest joy I get in the end is watching their faces as they react to the story’s conclusion. Whatever I say, however I move, in everything I am telling a story. It’s why I daydream so much, why I miss acting, why I love to escape in books and films, and why I take so long to explain something (*grin*)… Because to me, there is nothing like a good story, that captures the soul, challenges the heart, delights the eye, rolls off the tongue, intrigues the mind, and in the end, changes everything you though you knew about yourself. That’s what makes a great story. And that’s what I want to give to the world.


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