The Brave Shall Inherit The Earth

I’m not sure how to take what I’m reading in David Whyte’s book ‘The Three Marriages.’ In this particular chapter on ‘Youth’s First Glimpse of the Self,’ Whyte describes how the fantastical mind of the youthful man or woman sees far horizons and possibilities rather than obstacles, while looking to make friends with the world and the people in it. He seems to mention all this as some long ago lost dream, a gift these youth take for granted, and don’t appreciate ‘until it is gone.’

So does this mean the author is assuming his readership, the average person searching this book for answers, is of an older age more akin to his? Does he intend this book for a more mature audience, than say, myself? If so, and if I assume correctly, then I could see this as further proof that I am attempting this journey especially early in life.

Indeed I believe many of my recently dear friends, who are several years my senior, have been able to connect so well with me partly because they share the same current quest. And although I flatter myself they don’t consider me younger, they have said it is rather fortunate I’m taking on this challenging self-adventure at such a young age.

So I suppose I should count myself lucky. But luck isn’t the only thing to do with it. Inspired by this, I would like to believe that I really am ‘wise beyond my years’ and have achieved a state of self-awareness indispensable on such an introspective journey, which people rarely boast at my age.

But I confess I still doubt myself even now. The road twists on itself, and darkness falls when you least expect it, and in an instant my world can go from hopeful and whimsical to bleak and dreary. It’s hard, on such a road, to keep your head high. I should remember that so early an undertaking is a testament to my power and potential. It should be strengthening my drive, fueling me forward. And I know there will come a time on this journey when I will be forced to confront my demons and face down these guilty fears. I know this, and still today I falter.

Yet I have true guides both about me and within me. And when it truly matters, I know neither will fail me. I do have great power and potential, and though I’m not yet able to fully grasp them, each day brings me closer.

They say the meek shall inherit the earth. But I rather think it will be the truly aware and courageous who will be most deserving and triumphant.


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