If I had to describe my fashion style in one word, and only one word, I would call it ‘comfy.’ Not colorful, or sophisticated, or classic, or funky, or even tomboyishly cute. I mean I do love to embody all of those in my dress, but the one core element I must have in all my clothing is comfort. That’s the absolute most important thing to me, mainly because I refuse to sacrifice comfort for any of the other attributes, above or otherwise. Even if it happens to look amazing on me, or shows off my awesome tattoo, or even does wonders for my boobage, I simply will not wear it if it’s going to bring me any pain or discomfort. The minute it starts to pinch, pull, prick, ride up, fall down, or dig in, it’s gone (or doesn’t get bought in the first place).
This has been an especially helpful realization for me considering the kick I’ve been on lately. Yep that’s right, I’m in purge mode. I’ve been getting these odd urges lately to just whip out a big ass garbage bag and dump everything I own. And though I may not have the courage to do exactly that, I have been able to channel these moments into super productive purge periods, wherein I pick one area of my room to divide and de-clutter. And if that area happens to be clothing related, knowing my most essential clothing requirement has provided me with a very effective method of examination.
As I go through my cramped closet and each drawer of clothes, digging out those shirts I forgot I had, or the pants I haven’t worn in ages, I’ve made a practice of simply asking myself 4 main questions to determine if it stays or goes:
1.     Have I worn this item in a year? – Pretty standard question, and a staple in any good interior organizer’s repertoire
2.    If I didn’t keep it, could someone else use it? – Could you donate this item to someone else less fortunate, or have someone specific in mind who would love it?
3.     Am I holding on to this item for reasons other than the desire to wear it? – For example, does it have sentimental value, or is it similar to an item you would love to have, but isn’t close enough that you’ll actually wear it?
4.     Is it comfortable? – The final clincher, which represents my highest personal value in an item of clothing
Keeping this list to 4 questions allows me to sort through each item I pull out with considerable speed. Of course, many items won’t even need to be questioned beyond number 1, since I will know for sure that I’ve worn it recently and still really want to keep it. Those go immediately into the ‘Keep’ pile, and there remain. Likewise, you may have items that you very quickly identify as tossers, such as that ripped up t-shirt you wore once for a Halloween costume but now wonder what the hell you must have been smoking to think it looked any good. For those equally easy decisions, you’ve got your pick of the ‘Donate’ or ‘Toss’ piles, depending on whether or not they are in good enough condition to be re-sold.
But for those questionable items, the ones you find yourself torn about, the above questions will hopefully prove invaluable in helping you make that difficult decision. They have for me, and I can proudly say that 4 full bags of clothes and shoes have taken over my car’s backseat, ready and waiting to be donated – not to mention the additional bag that went straight to the dumpster.
So go ahead. Get inspired! Tackle that mess of a closet you’ve been meaning to sort through. Maybe give my method a try, and remember it will help if you can identify that one most important element you refuse to compromise for your own style, be it comfort or something else. And if you do find this challenge motivating and choose to take it on, please comment here or let me know somehow, because I would love to hear how it goes!
Feedback is always welcome. In fact, it’s encouraged. It’s an open loop of communication that makes for a truly positive living experience. Well, that and a really organized closet. 🙂 Happy purging!

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