US Road Trip Week 5: New York City!

From D.C., I drove north to my beloved New York City – the perfect bookend to mark the halfway point of my journey and mirror the opposite coastal city bookend of LA. So as with LA, I gave this city a full week of my time.

I lived here in NYC back in 2015-2018, and while it was the right decision to move away at the time, it also broke my heart to leave. That city holds such a special place in my heart, and will always light me up in a way nowhere else can.IMG_20190517_182627103_HDR.jpg

So it was amazing to not only be back in this magical city of dreams, but also spend that visit staying with my dearest bestie Adam who still lives here.We did all my favorite NYC things: Bryant Park & Central Park wanders, IMG_20190515_143618754_HDR.jpgexplored The Met Cloisters, IMG_20190517_154616585_HDR.jpgthe New York Public Library, IMG_20190515_140342727.jpgthe Union Square farmers market, IMG_20190515_132644687_HDR-ANIMATION.giflunches with industry friends and nights on the town to classic bars and restaurants, IMG_20190515_183532500_HDR.jpgand all sorts of shows (truly NYC’s speciality) including live jazz, movie premieres, friends’ plays, and of course Broadway musicals. I felt tingles watching Kiss Me Kate on Broadway, and it reminded me how magical theatre has always felt to me. IMG_20190516_192716660.jpgAnd how much I miss it. That was an interesting realization, considering I’ve been seriously considering leaving the entertainment industry altogether. Definitely rethinking that now… All the world’s a stage. And that stage is in New York City!IMG_20190516_193417986-ANIMATION.gif

This city certainly gives me a “feeling of wacky comradeship somewhere in some streets,” as Kerouac described it. I have to say, it’s starting to bring me back around to an empire state of mind.IMG_20190517_183140449_HDR.jpg

… But not yet. I’ve still got a whole second half of my road trip to go. THEN I can figure out where I want to live more permanently thereafter. But right now, I’m here “at the end of America…no more land…and nowhere was nowhere to go but back.”

And so back across I go.


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