My 2012 Passages

I recently wrote a post on my Chaos Whisperer blog about setting and sticking to your 2012 resolutions. I shared my top 10 tactics for setting up your goals for success and actually seeing them through. And in the process, I shared my own personal 10 goals for this year. So then the thought occurred to me, why don’t I share them here? This is after all my personal blog and personal record of my life’s passages and progressions. So it would probably be a good idea to lay out the plans I’ve prepared to pursue my chosen passages for this year.

Here are my 2012 resolutions:

  1. Reorganize my work spaces for greater productivity & creativity.
  2. Clear the clutter in my life (literally & figuratively) and seriously question the value add of any new purchase.
  3. Consolidate all my finances and investments under one easily managed roof.
  4. Commit to a healthier sleep schedule to address my insomnia.
  5. Regiment my workout routine, train harder and more consistently to master new martial arts/acrobatics/stunt fighting skills.
  6. Blog weekly (The Chaos Whisperer every Wed) and make regular writing time to develop other stories & ideas.
  7. Dive further into mastering my film producer role and seek guidance from more experienced producers.
  8. Learn to forgive the patterns of my past & accept the new challenges of building a lasting & loving partnership with someone.
  9. Find greater comfort in silence, and appreciate not just the words of others, but also the space between them.
  10. Ensure that each new Chaos-balancing system I create owns my unique voice and celebrates (rather than suppresses) my free spirit and authentic self.

These are my goals for the year: what I want to accomplish, how I plan to live more intentionally, and ways I can achieve greater balance with my Chaos.

Want to tell me yours?


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